Newport Beach Liposuction

Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is the technique of removing fatty deposits from the body through small incisions by suction using a narrow tube. This provides a method of reshaping the body with very little visible scarring. It is best suited to localized fatty deposits, and is not a treatment for obesity. It also works best for patients with fairly good skin tone, but can be performed with looser skin as well.

The standard method of liposuction is to first inject tumescent solution into the tissues to be treated, and then use small caliber instruments to remove the fat. This method minimizes bleeding and produces smoother results than previously used techniques. Additionally, the use of an energy source under the skin may be added, especially for areas of dense fat, scarring, or marginal skin tone. Dr. Solmer uses the Vasar system to help create additional smoothing in these cases.

Liposuction surgery results in a permanent recontouring of your fatty layer, which is ideally maintained through exercise and keeping a stable weight. The fat does come back, but if you gain weight, all the fat cells in your body will enlarge.

Dr. Solmer has extensive experience in liposuction of almost all areas of the body. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, the waist area, the thighs, knees and arms, the back and chest, and the neck and lower face. In Dr. Solmer’s experience, young patients with good skin tone have the potential for what can seem like a near miraculous result, and older patients can still achieve a very nice improvement in their contour.

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