Newport Beach Fraxel Laser Rejuvenation

If you have multiple wrinkles and uneven coloration of your skin, usually from sun damage, some type of facial skin resurfacing can make your skin appear more healthy and youthful. One of the earlier forms of skin treatment was dermabrasion, which involves sanding off the superficial layers of the skin. While this technique still has a limited place, it is likely to cause some degree of scarring of its own when used over wide areas. Chemical peels have long been used and continue to play a role in facial rejuvenation. The original Laser treatments of the face were very effective, but had long healing times and could result in areas of whitish skin, or hypopigmentation.

More recently, fractional laser technology has been available. With fractional laser technology, multiple tiny areas of deep skin penetration alternate with small areas of mostly intact skin, resulting in faster healing and improved safety. The Fraxel re:pair Laser is considered by many to be the gold standard for skin rejuvenation. The procedure is done in Dr. Solmer’s office under local anesthesia, and is approved for treatment of the face, neck and upper chest. The texture and appearance of the skin of the neck and upper chest are often neglected problems, but are treatable with this Laser. Call Newport Beach board certified cosmetic surgeon Richard Solmer M.D. at 949 548-0227 for your Fraxel consultation.



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