Newport Beach Forehead Lift

If you have developed drooping of your eyebrows, especially with lateral hooding, or skin falling down in the area just outside the eyelids, you may be considering a forehead lift. Eyelid surgery alone does not correct these problems. For most people, correction of drooping and laxity in the lateral or outside part of the eyebrow is what is required. The medial or inner portion of the eyebrow is raised somewhat also , taking care to preserve a normal eyebrow contour.

Dr. Solmer performs this procedure either as an open forehead lift or an endoscopic forehead lift. The open forehead lift is performed with a fairly long incision, either within the hair bearing skin of the frontal and temporal scalp, or partially at the hairline, when shortening of the forehead is a goal. By contrast, an endoscopic forehead lift releases the tissues endoscopically and advances them with minimal incisions and scarring, and generally a very rapid recovery. The endoscopic forehead lift is appropriate for the majority of patients, though in some advanced cases, an open forehead lift is indicated.

Forehead lift is an important option in rejuvenation of the upper face and eyelid region when there are changes beyond the eyelids that are in need of correction. Call for your forehead rejuvenation consultation with Newport Beach board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Solmer at 949 548-0227.



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