Newport Beach Face and Neck Lift

A face and neck lift, performed through incisions largely hidden around the ears, targets loose skin of the lower face and of the neck, and is centered on improving the jaw line area. Treatment of the upper face is referred to as a forehead lift. Patients sometimes refer to a facelift as a chin tuck.

Young people are fond of saying that they would never have plastic surgery for their face, and don’t mind growing old gracefully. But as time goes by, one day you wake up and look in the mirror, and ask yourself, is that me? That’s when you start thinking about doing something, not to look 20 years old, but to look more like the person you have always been.

A face and neck lift is surgery, but most patients are surprised by how rapidly they recover, going out for dinner within 1 week and resuming most normal activities at 2 weeks. With Dr. Solmer’s technique of wound closure using deep sutures under the skin, and fast absorbing sutures and tissue glue on the skin, there are few if any sutures to remove.

Dr. Solmer believes that a face and neck lift is the most effective way of treating significantly loose skin in and around the jawline, and the neck. Once that is accomplished, he uses a combination of minor office treatments under local anesthesia to maintain the result for many years. Aging does not stop just because you have surgery, but there are many more minimally invasive options now available to help you continue to look your best. Call board certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Solmer for your face and neck lift consultation at 949 548-0227.



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