Newport Beach Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is performed to reduce the size of excessively large breasts. If your breasts are too large, you may have pain in your neck, back or shoulders, and have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly. The excess size and weight of your breasts may make it difficult to exercise. Sometimes a woman’s breasts are just disproportionately large for her body.

Breast reduction is an effective way of dealing with these issues. It takes larger incisions to perform a breast reduction than to perform an augmentation, because there is excess skin of the breast as well as excess tissue that needs to be removed. For most patients, there will be a scar around the nipple, then vertically running from the nipple margin to the lower breast, and along the lower breast horizontally. Dr. Solmer utilizes techniques to minimize the scarring.

In Dr. Solmer’s usual technique, he focuses on removal of the lower hanging breast tissue rather than removing tissue from under the upper part of the breast and then pushing the lower tissue up. He developed this method because he feels it is less invasive and more likely to result in a stable long term result. Liposuction can be added to target lateral or outer breast and chest wall fullness.

Breast reduction patients tend to be pleased not only with the reduced size of their breasts, but with their improved comfort and contour as well.

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