Newport Beach Breast Lift

If your breasts are sagging and your nipples low, you may be considering a breast lift, or mastopexy, but are worried about the scars. Patients who have always had small breasts, and in whom the distance from the nipple to the fold under the breast is less than 2 inches are likely to get a lifting effect from breast augmentation alone. For the majority of patients with droopy breasts, known as breast ptosis, a breast lift is required to improve the shape of the breast. The breast lift acts to elevate the nipple and tighten the skin of the breast.

There are several types of breast lift. In very mild cases, a limited incision around the nipple or part of the nipple, known as a donut mastopexy or crescent mastopexy, may be all that is needed. These procedures are most effective when there is already a breast implant in place, which tends to act as a platform for this type of lift.

More commonly, the nipple is moved upward and the skin tightened under the nipple. This is referred to as a lollipop lift, because of the shape of the scars. If you have a good deal of excess skin of the lower breast, a horizontal skin excision is added along the lower border of the breast. This is known as an anchor lift. Your surgeon will examine you and explain which approach is most effective for you.

There are scars from a breast lift, but Dr. Solmer will take steps to minimize them, including the use of sutures for the deep layers, and absorbable sutures and glue for the skin, as well as post op care of the scars. By improving the shape and firmness of the breasts, a breast lift can give a more youthful and attractive appearance to the breast. This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation if more fullness is desired.

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